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Your dream home improvement is made possible with Ponce General Construction LLC, we are located in Covington, LA. And We cover Surrounding Areas.

General Contractor

Ponce General Construction LLC turns your ideas, designs, and plans into a solid building beneath your feet. As your general contractor, we work closely with your design and preconstruction team to safely and efficiently execute your plan. Ponce General Construction LLC offers general contracting services for bid and negotiated bid projects.
Our dedication to keeping our project sites safe and organized contributes to our ability to adapt to any challenges that arise on the site. Our general contracting services keep our clients’ goals at the forefront as each piece of the construction process starts to fit together.
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General Roofing Services

Installation | Repair | Cleaning| Maintenance

Are you currently planning a roofing project for your commercial or residential property? You came to the right place! Here in Ponce General Construction LLC, we provide a wide variety of roofing services that include repairing, installing, and performing maintenance of any roofing system.

We work with diverse roofing materials that include:

  • Shingle Roofing
  • Metal Roofing
  • Flat Roofing – TPO | EPDM | Torch Down

Our team has more than 20 years of experience and we are experts in prolonging a roofing’s life expectancy by providing its maintenance in the highest quality standards. In order to get the best results, we use the best materials in the industry which is why we are able to deliver everlasting roofing results. Get maintenance done to your roofing and increase its life expectancy with Ponce General Construction LLC maintenance roofing services.

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Roofing services should always be treated like a 911 Emergency. Why? All roofing repairs cost more per waited minute, in other words, a repair might cost you $140 now, but $1,000 next week. Roof damages usually get worst by the minute and if it is a water leak it can end up causing even more damages to your property including drywall, appliances, carpets, and more. This is why a roofing repair should always be treated like a 911 Emergency.

Interior painting

Doesn’t have to be a difficult, messy and out-of-control job, so hire the experts Ponce General Construction LLC. Our interior paint jobs are known to be of high quality; Due to our experience, we will enter and leave your residence in a very short time, always with the aim of exceeding your expectations.

There are many advantages to doing an interior paint job and the most recognized are:

  • Increase the value of your property
  • Increases the exterior attractiveness of your property
  • Choose colors with designs and moods.
  • You can improve air quality by choosing Low VOC or ZERO
  • Protect your walls

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is also very important to your property because it has the potential to make great first impressions. The first thing your neighbors and friends see is the exterior of your property. That is why it is important that the quality of the exterior paint is of high quality.

Here at Ponce General Construction LLC, we use the best materials on the market to provide you with a high-quality, durable exterior painting solution. Exterior painting has the ability to:

  • Increase the value of your property
  • Increase the exterior attractiveness of your property
  • Protect the coating of your property

Floor Installation and Repair

The right flooring can add eye-catching style, practical functionality, and enhanced overall value for any home. However, before you can enjoy these benefits, you must find the right company to properly install or repair your floor. Fortunately, Ponce General Construction LLC has home Flooring experts who will ensure any investment you want to make in your floors, be it for replacement, repair, or initial installation, that is worthwhile and completely satisfied. with the finished product Our technicians have years of experience working with a variety of flooring materials

Ponce General Construction LLC is your total solution for the installation and repair of most types of flooring, including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, linoleum, ceramic tile, and more. All of our home improvement professionals are experienced and insured. You can count on your Ponce General Construction LLC for a worry-free one-call solution for all your flooring projects.

Drywall Installation

Are you looking for a company to provide you with a high-quality and cost-effective drywall installation? Look no more! Ponce General Construction LLC is locally known in Covington, LA to provide high-quality finishes along with friendly prices. Ponce General Construction LLC never sacrifices quality over lower prices; thus, we are passionate about our work and committed to customer satisfaction.  Call our team today for a free estimate on your upcoming project!

Drywall Repair

At Ponce General Construction LLC, we are professionally trained to replace or repair your drywall and restore the surface with whatever paint, wallpaper coating, or special finish you want. From small drilled holes to hanging new drywall panels, cutting, bonding and applying a final coat of sanding and sanding, we are there to help.

Ceramic Tile Services

Ponce General Construction LLC understands the importance of having resistant and durable ceramic tile for your space, which is why we work towards delivering the utmost quality in all projects we take on. You can trust us to find the right tile for your specific needs.

We have 20 years of experience in Ceramic tile installation and we Can show you what are the best option for your home and Office, with us you don’t need to worry for anything because we are here for help you and do the best for you, at Ponce General Construction LLC high quality and cost effectiveness that you are searching.

Doors & Windows Installation

Doors and windows protect you from the elements and can completely change the appearance of your home. Leave nothing to chance: even the smallest details count. We’ll be happy to turn your dreams into reality!

Ponce General Construction LLC, installing new doors and new windows may seem complex. But don’t worry! Good planning and a trustworthy professional will make the job much less daunting.

Gutter Installation

Gutters are a vital part of your home, protecting your roof and walls from damp and decay. If you are looking for gutters with minimal maintenance, you might be considering the seamless model – there is no risk of leaks, and the metal variety is coated to resist rot and erosion. While looking after seamless metal gutters is easy, installing them certainly is not. You will need to call a team of professional gutter contractors to ensure your new system is entirely up to scratch.

Gutter Repair

We know just how easy it is for your to-do list to quickly become out of hand—and it is far too easy for gutters to take a backseat to the more pressing issues around your home. Unfortunately, if you do not take advantage of gutter repair or cleaning services, they can be damaged by leaves, twigs, and other sediment.

Bricks works

Today, clay masonry or “brick” has proven its contributing role in green building and sustainable design. Having been used as a building material for thousands of years, brick is made primarily from clay and shale, two of the most abundant natural resources.

Bricks derive their strength from molecular bond achieved in the baking process. Brick also contributes to sustainable design through its long-life span, energy efficiency, durability, recycled content, local availability, acoustic insulation, low construction waste, and potential for reuse.

Finally, modern brick manufacturing incorporates many sustainable practices of its own and has captured great production efficiencies that reduce it environment impact.

Here in Ponce General Construction LLC, we offer brick projects for residential or commercial properties. We can install bricks in many different projects like a new BBQ! Contact our team today if you need a brick project done for your property! We are by far the best option and we cover Covington, LA and its surrounding communities.

Patios Installation

A patio is an essential element in today’s backyards. Concrete is the most popular patio material in the country. With many decorative finishes, concrete patios attract homeowners who want an outdoor surface with unlimited design potential. When compared to wood decks, pavers and natural stone, a concrete patio is also more durable and requires less maintenance.

In addition to being a great patio material, concrete can also be used to maximize your entire backyard space. The goal is to create destinations in the garden and connect them with welcoming pathways. Use focal points, seat walls, fountains, ponds, arbors, fireplaces, fire pits, and fragrant plantings to create interest at different locations and draw guests out into the yard space.


With an average of 20 years’ experience, our home improvement professionals are skilled carpenters and furniture builders. We install and build fireplace mantels, cabinets, bookcases, wooden countertops and more.

Our home improvement professionals are experienced at building custom cabinets and mantels for any room, to the dimensions and in the style that you need. If you need more storage space, talk to your local Ponce General Construction LLC about installing a custom set of attractive cabinets built especially for your home.

Fence Installation

Proper fencing is a critical component of your home exterior. A properly installed fence can help keep your children and pets safe in your front or backyard, add more security to your house, and give you greater privacy in your outdoor areas. Whether you need a brand new, custom-built fence installed or just need some touch-ups and repairs performed on an old one Ponce General Construction LLC is your one-call solution. Our home improvement professionals can tackle any fence project you have, both big and small.

Clean Up

Ponce General Construction LLC, work hard and smart for delivering excellent result in all the clean up industry, we work hard and smart for delivering high quality and cost-effective services, for more than 20 years of experience we are the company leading in this industry, call us now and get a free estimate about all our professional services.

Siding Vinyl

We know that choosing a siding contractor can be a bit unceasing. That’s why we offer free inspections. During the complimentary inspection we will provide a variety of siding options, give industry insights, and address any questions. We don’t start the project until we know exactly what our customer needs and we make sure they get the quality service they deserve.

James Hardie Siding

We are here for help you in your siding services, if you need these services, you can call us now! and get a free estimate about all our professional services, we are here for help you in all the things that you need, we work with the best tools and materials in all siding industry.